Works that can be done with a small scale license

1) Trial cross-sections in the soil and excavation with permission from the archaeology authorities. Approval is not required when the cross-sections are conducted by the relevant departments of the Ministry of Culture and Sport,

2) installation of prefabricated houses where special programs cover the housing needs of disadvantaged and special groups or the self-housing of the repatriated

3)pumping installations and buildings with the absolutely necessary dimensions for their housing, in accordance to Article 3 of the Decree of 24.5.1985, provided that they have the necessary approval of the competent Directorate for Agriculture, except where the construction of columns is required,

4) construction of underground cemetery facilities, such as a crucible, submerged bins and a water tank with a maximum surface of twenty-five (25.00) m². and depth of up to four (4.00) meters, served by compact external machine – room systems, if it is required, providing that the height of the structures at no point exceeds one (1,00) m from the final ground level. Installation requires a statement from a competent engineer assuming responsibility for the static and electromechanical safety of the construction and facilities,

5) installation of temporary constructions as of paragraph 74 of article 2 of Law 4067/2012, accompanied by a certificate of static adequacy,

6) the construction of an elevator according to paragraph 2 of Article 27 of law 4067/2012 required for the transportation of persons with disabilities or handicapped persons in existing buildings or in buildings with a lift with internal dimensions of a non-standard ELOT EN 81 -70 or in buildings where elevator stops should be extended to accommodate people with disabilities or handicapped persons

7) cutting of trees in approved street plans or in ZOE, as well as in settlements pre-existing17.7.1923 (Α223) and settlements delimited by the Decree of24.51985. Especially for the cutting of trees in a communal space of a town or settlement, Small Scale license is granted upon request, accompanied by a Technical Report by the relevant geotechnical scientist and the competent department of the municipality and a relevant decision of the competent body of the municipality, without prejudice to the provisions of forestry legislation,

8) undergroundstations for the distribution or measurement and regulation of natural gas,

9) mounting of scaffolding. In this case a safety and health file of the project must be submitted along with the appointment of the responsible coordinator, in accordance to the provisions of the Presidential Decree 305/1996 (A305) and a declaration of assumption of responsibility by an engineer supervising the project,

10) installation of construction huts

11) the excavation of channels for the installation of cables within the premises or plots of gas stations for the installation of input-output systems,

12) exterior paint work or rail replacement or repair of coatings or face repairs using scaffolding,

13) lining facades and glass panes replacement using scaffolding

14) construction of a pergola over fifty (50) sq. m. in open-plot areas, outbuildings, ground floor verandas. For attics, open-plot areas and open balconies, approval for small-scale projects is required regardless of the surface used,

15) Installation of an uncovered water tank or swimming pool, with maximum surface of fifty (50) square meters, served by an outdoor system of compact machine rooms, provided that no reinforced concrete wall is required for the installation, that the height of the structures at no point exceeds one (1) meter from the final ground level, that no excavation or addition of natural soil is required in excess of one and a half meters (1.50) for theinstallation and that planting of the obligatorily open space is provided for according to the applicable provisions,

16) ventilation ducts and other installations and constructions referred to in paragraphs 2b, 2d, 2f and 3 of Article 19 of law 4067/2012,

17)internal arrangements (maybe layouts), provided that the elements of the building structure are not affected,

18) construction of roof gardens and planted surfaces,

19) installation of external thermal insulation or passive solar energy systems on exterior facades

20) roof maintenance and repair using scaffolding

21) simple walling from masonry up to a height of 1.00 m or fencing from light pitch material in off-plan areas and in settlements lacking city design. For fields where the operation of detention centers for irregular migrants is provided, approval of the works is not necessary, even if the fencing is done using any material and saddle

22)fencing with temporary construction, such as wire mesh, in plots without street-planning but within the city-plan,

23) construction of a single stone-built warehouse per farm, according to par. 4 of article 6 of 24.5.1985, with an area of ​​up to fifteen (15) square meters and total height with the rooftop of up to three (3.00 ) meters, as long as no reinforced concrete is used on its rooftop and it is built independently of any existing main building, subject to the approval of the competent Directorate for Agriculture, subject to the provisions of the above mentioned provision of 24.5.1985 Decree,

24) the construction of fireplaces and ovens with their chimneys for professional use, provided that by technical engineering report it is documented that the static adequacy of the building is not affected,

25)construction of fireplaces with their chimneys in horizontal residential property, provided that a technical engineering report proves that the static adequacy of the building operator is not affected,

26) reconstruction of the roof, by submitting a declaration of static competence by a competent engineer,

27) functional combination of spaces according to article 23, par. 5, of Law 4067/2012,

28)addition of up to five (5) m² of surface area exclusively for hygienic purposes in buildings existing before 31 January 1983, in stationary settlements and settlements before 1923 of under 2,000 (2 000) inhabitants, without requiring building legality

29)antenna placement, other than radio and television reception antennas, as well as radio communication and mobile telephony antennas,

30) installation of autonomous heating system

31)canopies and porticos of paragraphs 72 and 79 of article 2 of Law 4067/2012, subject to the provisions of paragraph 6 of Article 11 of Law 4067/2012,

32)interventions on the facades of buildings to modify or open new openings, if the building stability is not affected and the interventions are not contrary to more specific provisions,

33) temporary wooden constructions of auxiliary use up to 8 sq.m. and a maximum height of 2.50 meters, placed in the open space

34) installation of photovoltaic systems, where required in accordance with more specific provisions,

35) installation of wind turbines in accordance with the provisions in force.

For works under provisions 1 to 8, 19, 20, 24 and 25, the budget limit of twenty five thousand (25,000) euro is not applicable and for their execution, approval of small-scale construction work is required irrespective of budget. For the rest of the cases that are executed either in combination or separately, and if their total budget exceeds twenty-five thousand euros (25,000) calculated according to Annex B of Law 4491/2017, per horizontal or vertical ownership issue of a building permit is required according to case i of paragraph 1 of this article.
Approval of small scale works is also required, if this is provided for in more specific provisions, and for the legalization of any work requiring the issue of an administrative act.

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