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Geothermal energy technology

The escalating cost of heating oil in the last few years has made us turn to other sources of energy like geothermal energy...

Geothermal energy technology

The escalating cost of heating oil in the last few years has made us turn to other sources of energy like geothermal energy.


About two meters deep, the soil has a constant temperature of 17°-18°C(whether its winter or summer). As the soil absorbs about 50% of the suns energy it creates a huge storage of thermal energy right under our feet. By placing, therefore, a network of water pipes at a depth of 1,5 -2m, we manage to obtain a water temperature of about 17°C in the pipes. Using a water-pump, the warmed water is sent to the pipe network under the floor of the building. As a result, in the warm summer months when the air temperature is 30°-35°C we cool the room through the floor (which is at a temperature of 17°-20°C), making the use of A/C unnecessary. In the winter months the underground water is sent to a geothermal heat pump where from the original 17°C it is heated to reach 40°C at a minimal cost. Then, the hot water is sent to the underfloor pipe system, thus creating a constant round –the- clock temperature of 20°-21°C in the building. There is, therefore, no need for boilers, burners or chimneys. A geothermal heat installation transfers heat from the ground to the building and vice-versa, instead of creating it, thus saving on the energy needed to cool or warm a building by at least 75%. For example: a residence of 100m² will need, for geothermal heating, a pipe network of 200²m extending in the surrounding area. The pipes must be placed in a depth of about 1,5 -2m..


no need for heating oil or other kinds of energy
Decrease in the heating cost by at least 75% compared to the use of heating oil
Cooling a building in the summer without any cost
Hot water all year round
Almost null maintenance costs
• No pollutants are formed whether heating or cooling the building
• No specifically sized room is needed as a boiler room
• No chimneys, burners or oil-tanks are needed which do not only cost to install but also have a high maintenance cost
• There are no heating bodies inside the building, saving work space and giving a better aesthetic result..

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Professionalism, consistency, quality. Dear Mr. Costas Fragakis and Mr. Giannis Fragakis, architects and engineers, owners of the company, always by our side to explain any question and provide solutions, we thank them very much!!!
Positive human presence,Professionalism
Excellent knowledge and quality
Fast issuance of permit and completion of the project.
Freedom of choice to buy products independently, without commitment to their own partners.
The best choice I made..
Katerina Koukouvitaki
Perfect professionals with respect and love for their work, and this is why the result they deliver is excellent. I recommend the company unreservedly and I hope that they will continue with the same passion!!!
Triantafyllos Baltzis
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